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New to INTIME? Here's How to Get Started


This tax season, you may notice a lot of talk about INTIME (Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine), DOR’s new e-services portal at which enables Hoosiers to manage their taxes in one convenient location, 24/7.

Individual Income tax customers can use INTIME to check the status of their Indiana tax return refund, make a payment, or request an extension of time to file – all without signing up or in to INTIME.

Screenshot of INTIME webpage with three circles around nine of the boxes

However, there are a number of beneficial reasons to create an INTIME logon, such as:

  • Scheduling your payment to DOR for a later date
  • Updating your new address
  • Secure messaging with DOR Customer Service
  • Providing your tax practitioner with an electronic Power of Attorney (ePOA) so they can access your online account and talk to DOR on your behalf
  • Respond to a notice or letter from DOR

Here’s a look at what you can do with or without logging in to INTIME:

A chart describing the differences between having an INTIME login and not logging in

If you decide you are ready to create your INTIME logon and sign in, here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1: Get started by going to and clicking on “New to INTIME? Sign up” or “Create an INTIME logon” in the Registration panel. On the next screen, individual income tax customers should select “Create a username” and follow the steps to register as an individual. (Do NOT select "New preparer registration". That option is for professional tax preparers registering to manage client accounts.)

A screenshot of the INTIME webpage with an arrow pointing to the Register box

STEP 2: You’ll provide ID information (Social Security Number and contact info) and then, to validate access, you’ll need to enter information on a prior year refund, a previous return line item, or letter ID (found in the top right corner of a letter from DOR). This is an essential step in protecting an individual customer’s sensitive information.

If these items are not available, don’t worry – there will be an option to “request an INTIME welcome letter” that will be mailed to you within a few days so that you can complete the registration.

STEP 3: Creating your unique username and password is next. Once your logon has been created, an email acknowledgment will be sent. You’ll then be directed back to the INTIME homepage to log in for the first time.

DOR knows the importance of customer account security and uses the two-step verification method for access to INTIME, which means you’ll receive an access code (by email, text message or authentication app) to verify that it’s really you with every INTIME login.

The INTIME User Guide for Individual Income Tax Customers is available to help you with step-by-step instructions for creating your logon and also highlights INTIME’s other great benefits and how to access them.

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