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March 17, 2021

Have you migrated your business tax accounts from INtax to INTIME, DOR’s new e-services portal? If not, the time is now. This migration process is necessary, as INtax no longer provides the functionality which allows you to pay sales and withholding tax obligations.

Follow the steps below to make this transition:

Step 1: Log in to INtax at https://www.intax.in.gov/login to find your migration code. Go to “Business Details” and make note of the INTIME migration code in the top right corner. This code is unique to your INtax account and should not be shared with others.

Business Details Screenshot

Step 2: Click the INTIME migration code or go to INTIME.dor.in.gov and select “Don’t have a username? Create one” and use the migration code displayed in INtax to validate the account. Continue to follow the instructions on your screen to create your username and password.

Registration Screenshot

NOTE: If you manage multiple businesses in INtax, create a separate logon for each business in INTIME.

Other resources to help with your transition from INtax to INTIME are as follows:

If you need help after completing the migration process, you may submit your questions directly to DOR Customer Service using INTIME by clicking on the “All Actions” tab followed by the “Messages” section.

You will also be able to utilize of all the new functionalities the secure, online e-services portal has to offer including:

  • Manage, file and pay tax obligations
  • Availability of filing history for the past three calendar years

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