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Important Project NextDOR, ITS and INTIME Information


August 23, 2021

Here we are again with more on Project NextDOR! Last week’s focus was on how ITS and INTIME will provide updated technology to support current and future tax processing and customer service needs through Project NextDOR, our four-year modernization project. This week’s messaging covers how individual taxpayers and business customers who file gaming and casino taxes will be affected by Rollout 3. Check out the specifics below.

Individual Income Tax Customers

When Rollout 3 goes live on September 7, INTIME will extend self-service functionality to our Individual Income tax customers. Common transactions like making payments and refund status inquiries will be available in the INTIME portal without requiring a login, although creating an INTIME account offers additional access and functionality. Here’s a look at what INTIME will offer individual income tax customers:

Individual Functions Chart

After September 7, 2021, taxpayers will have the ability to file the IT-41 with certified service providers.

Additional Modernized Electronic Filing (MeF) enhancements will also be available and are outlined below:

Rollout 3 MeF Functionality Chart

Type II Gaming & Charity Gaming Excise Taxes

Business customers were first introduced to INTIME in September 2020 and have the ability to manage their sales and withholding tax accounts. Beginning Sept. 7, 2021, customers who file Type II Gaming (TTG) and Charity Gaming Excise (CGE) taxes will now be able to use INTIME to manage their accounts as well.

So, what does this mean for gaming customers?

  • Customers who file CGE taxes will now be able to transition from filing CGE-103 on paper to filing electronically via INTIME.
    • Note: As of September 2021, all CGE customers will need to complete and submit a schedule of transactions, which can be uploaded via INTIME.
  • Customers who file TTG taxes will have their INtax accounts automatically migrated to INTIME and will be able to upload a schedule spreadsheet via INTIME as previously done in the legacy system (INtax).
  • The monthly return file date for both CGE and TTG customers will be the 20th day of each month. Note: This is a filing date change for TTG customers.
  • If needed, form schedules and filing information for both CGE and TTG customers are available at dor.in.gov/tax-forms/gaming-tax-forms.

Fireworks Public Safety Fee Taxes

Beginning September 8, businesses that sell fireworks will be able to file and pay both their sales tax and the Fireworks Public Safety Fee tax electronically via INTIME rather than mailing their FPS-103 forms to DOR.


DOR’s new and updated INTIME guides will be available as a resource to help customers walk through the process of registering for the INTIME online e-services portal, while also providing helpful tips to ensure an easy transition into the new system. The INTIME guides will be available at dor.in.gov/online-services/intime-tax-center:

  • INTIME Guide for Individuals
  • INTIME Guide for Business
  • INTIME Instructions for CGE and TTG Customers

Dedicated Customer Service Representatives

DOR’s dedicated Customer Service Representatives will be available to help customers with their INTIME questions starting Sept. 7.

For information regarding INTIME, visit ProjectNextDOR.dor.in.gov.

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