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Help Your Tax Professional Help You: Give Them Access to Your INTIME Account With an ePOA


It’s no secret that taxes can be complicated. If you need additional guidance, tax professionals are available to help. You can return the favor and help your tax professional by granting them access to your online tax information with an ePOA.

After finding the right tax practitioner for your needs, you should consider granting them Power of Attorney (POA) to allow them to talk to DOR on your behalf. Additionally, now that DOR’s new e-services portal, INTIME (Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine), is available, you may want to complete the electronic Power of Attorney (ePOA) request process instead so they can have access and manage your online account as well.

An INTIME ePOA access request is separate from DOR’s Power of Attorney Form POA-1. While a tax practitioner may have previously submitted Form POA-1 to be permitted to talk to DOR about a client’s tax accounts, an electronic Power of Attorney (ePOA) is needed to assure the security of a client’s online INTIME account and information. In most cases, DOR will consider the INTIME ePOA equivalent to the POA-1 form for the purpose of discussing tax matters.

Among the benefits of providing your tax practitioner with ePOA access to your INTIME account is the ability for them to make payments, view your account and payment history, and – in some cases – provide additional paperwork to DOR on your behalf. INTIME access also gives your tax practitioner the ability to view and respond to DOR correspondence you receive.

If you would like to provide your tax practitioner access to your INTIME account, the tax practitioner must first request access from their own INTIME account. Once that occurs, you will be notified to sign in to your INTIME account to review and approve the access.

If you haven’t yet set up your INTIME account, here’s a quick look at how to do that.

If at a later date you wish to revoke your tax practitioner’s access to your INTIME account, this can be done by navigating to the “All Actions” tab and clicking on the “Manage POA access” link.

Note: If you do not have the ability to access INTIME to approve the ePOA request, DOR will mail an access request letter to your legal address on file with DOR. Information in the letter can be used to approve the tax practitioner’s access request.

See more information on POA procedures (and form) and ePOA.

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