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Indiana’s Tax Dollars at Work

Want to know where your Indiana state tax dollars go? You’ve come to the right place. With over $20 billion in tax revenue being processed each year by the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) from 65 different tax types, we want you to know how these funds are used.

Once processed, funds collected on behalf of the state are made available for use by the 92 state agencies subject to oversight by the  State Budget Agency. Taxes collected on behalf of local units of government are distributed to those units for such diverse activities as public safety, economic development, education and many others.

Did you know your tax dollars are used to help veterans, support K-12 education and encourage clean water and air, to name a few? The graphic to the right shows where taxes that are collected by DOR are used to serve the state of Indiana.

To view more in-depth information you can access the state’s transparency portal or the budget report.

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Indiana tax dollars at work

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