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Top Tax Tips

Tax Tips

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) hopes customers have a hassle and stress-free tax season. Below are some tips to help you get your tax filing done quickly and correctly.

  1. Use the correct forms. Incorrect or outdated forms submitted may cause delays or be sent back.
  2. Always file state taxes, even if you are under the threshold or don’t expect a refund.
  3. Don’t file your taxes until you have all your income statements and appropriate documentation.
  4. File your taxes electronically, if possible, as this process is faster and more accurate.
  5. Check to ensure your return is complete and correct. Write clearly and use blue or black ink.
  6. If you claimed certain deductions or credits be sure to include all required and supporting documentation.
  7. Make and save copies of all relevant paperwork submitted, in case you need to reference them later.
  8. Be sure to send state returns to DOR. Federal returns go to the IRS.
  9. Don’t duplicate your filing. Filing more than once causes further delay in the refund process.
  10. If you receive any correspondence from DOR, please respond accordingly and quickly.
  11. Do NOT staple checks or returns.
  12. Make sure all state returns are sent to the correct P.O. Box. Mail is processed by P.O. Box from April – June with top priority being individual tax returns.
  13. If paying by check, include the liability number or tax period on the check. For personal checks submitted for businesses, include the business name on the check.
  14. Be sure to attach all W-2's and 1099s to your return.
  15. Be sure to sign the return.

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