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Individual Income Tax Return Electronic Filing Options



Indiana offers INfreefile, a way to file your state and federal taxes for free! More than 2 million Hoosiers will qualify for this fast, online tax filing service.

Federal/State Electronic Filing Program

Individuals who use a tax professional to prepare their individual returns can file both state and federal returns via the Federal/State Electronic Filing Program.

Approved Online Filing Companies

Certification for the 2019 tax season is in process.

Find an Approved e-file Provider

The IRS offers a search for approved e-file providers.

All e-file providers approved by the IRS are also approved to e-file Indiana returns.

Federal & State Electronic Filing

It's fast - Last year, refunds from electronically filed returns were issued in less than 2 weeks while many paper returns took up to 12 weeks to process. This year, our goal is 4 to 6 days for issuing electronic-return refunds.

It's accurate - Because of all the computer checks built into the electronic filing program, these returns have a 98 percent accuracy rate. In contrast, 17 percent of paper returns have some sort of error which delays their processing.

It's convenient - Since this is a combined federal & state program, customers will file both their federal and Indiana returns at the same time.

You can participate in this program two ways:

  1. Take your completed return to an Electronic Return Originator who can transmit your return information for you; or
  2. Have a tax professional prepare your returns, then transmit them for you.


The cost will vary. Some preparers do not charge for the service if they are allowed to prepare the return. Some charge a minimal fee for the electronic-filing services in addition to preparation fees.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is available.

More Questions

If you have more questions about electronically filing your Indiana state individual-income taxes, you may contact the Department at (317) 232-2240.

Technical Information for Tax Professionals

Download Publication IND 1345, the Handbook for Electronic Return Originators and Transmitters of Individual Income Tax Returns. (IND 1345 is available for download in PDF format, 529 kb.)

A list of participating software developers is also available.

If you have questions regarding the electronic filing program, contact the Indiana Electronic Filing Help Desk at (317) 615-2550, or send e-mail to the Department.

There is also an area on this site specifically for tax professionals.

If you need information about the federal program, please contact:

Internal Revenue Service
Attn: Joseph Newsom
P.O. Box 44985  Stop SB460
Indianapolis, IN 46244-0985

If you have questions about your federal refund, you may call (800) 829-4477.

Technical Information for Software Developers

The Software Developer's Corner has information for certified software developers and developers interested in becoming certified for federal/state electronic filing.

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