Top 10 Tax Tips

Top 10 Customer Tax Tips

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) hopes customers have a hassle and stress-free tax season. We have 10 tips to help you get your filing done quickly and correctly.

Tax Tip 1: Check your return to make sure it is complete.

In order for returns filed to be processed in a timely matter, it is important that your tax forms are complete. Don't forget to include any required documents needed to process your return.

Tax Tip 2: Use the correct forms.

Incorrect or outdated forms submitted, may cause delays in processing or your return to be sent back. You can find all individual current year forms and past year forms online.

Tax Tip 3: Send your forms to the right place.

Be sure to send all of your state returns to DOR and all federal returns to the IRS.

Tax Tip 4: Is your form legible?

How does your tax form look, can you clearly read all the information? Be sure to use blue or black ink and to double check any important information such as Social Security Numbers.

Tax Tip 5: Don't duplicate your filing!

Filing more than one return only causes further delays in the return process. If you have e-filed to do not also send in paper forms.

Tax Tip 6: Include all documentation.

Did you include everything? If you claimed certain deductions or credits that require further documentation, be sure to have all documents in order and included.

Tax Tip 7: Always file a state return.

Whether you are under the threshold or don't expect a return, the best advice is to always file a state return.

Tax Tip  8: Make sure your e-filing was accepted.

Did you know, you can check your filing status online to ensure your e-filing was accepted. This will avoid any further delays in processing.

Tax Tip 9: Save copies of paperwork.

Be sure to make and save copies of all relevant paperwork submitted. You may need to reference them at a later time.

Tax Tip 10: Check everything, one more time!

Before officially submitting, it is best to check over all forms and documentation one last time.