2017 Annual Report Published

October 16, 2017

Are you interested in learning more about what we do at the Indiana Department of Revenue and what we are planning for the future?

This year’s Indiana Department of Revenue Annual Report features a new, comprehensive format that details Commissioner Adam Krupp’s focus on customer service as well as more information on the inner-workings of the agency and our upcoming modernization effort.

Also, the annual report covers information on the streamlined administrative appeals and protest process and ways our new compliance department is working to reduce customer errors and resolve outstanding issues.

The Department still leads the country in efforts to reduce identity fraud. The annual report contains statistics on ID protection and fraud prevention as well as information on the money the Department has collected and disbursed to other entities.

You can read and download a copy of the 2017 Annual Report at http://www.in.gov/dor/3600.htm.