Last Chance to File for Free This Year!

April 13, 2016

The 2016 tax season wraps up April 18. Haven’t filed your individual income taxes yet? There is no need to panic. You still have time to use Indiana freefile (INfreefile) to electronically file your state and federal income taxes for free!

Nearly two million Hoosiers taxpayers qualify to file their federal and state taxes electronically for free, and you could be one of them. If your adjusted gross income was $62,000 or less in 2015, you may qualify to take advantage of all the perks INfreefile has to offer. If you qualify, INfreefile allows you to use the same question-and-answer vendor software you may be paying to use from your preferred vendor. The participating vendors include 1040NOW, H&R Block, OLT Online Taxes, TaxAct, and TurboTax.

Many Indiana taxpayers choose to file electronically because it offers many convenient benefits:

  • Faster refunds Refunds from electronically-filed returns are processed in about two weeks, whereas a paper-filed return can take up to 12 weeks.
  • More secure Fewer people see your personal information.
  • Get more or pay less E-filing software may suggest credits and deductions about which you might not have known.
  • Better accuracy Electronically-filed returns have a two percent error rate versus 20 percent for paper returns. Common math errors are avoided, because the vendor software completes the calculations for you.
  • Convenience – You can file online (and use INfreefile) 24/7!

So for what are you waiting? Don’t put off filing your taxes any longer; visit to compare INfreefile vendor offers and see if you qualify!

If you have any questions about your return, feel free contact the Indiana Department of Revenue at 317-232-2240. Stay up to date with other important information by following the department on Facebook and Twitter.