Resources for Tax Preparers and Volunteers

Feb. 23, 2015 - TaxTalk Blog

Year after year, many Hoosier taxpayers rely on the expertise and guidance of tax preparers and volunteers to file their taxes.

But even the most experienced and knowledgeable tax preparers and volunteers run into problems or have questions during tax season. For this reason, the department provides a number of helpful resources to help tax preparers and volunteers provide top-notch service to taxpayers.

Resources for Tax Preparers

Tax preparers are an integral part of tax season. For more information about a variety of tax topics, visit the Tax Professionals webpage here.

Want answers to frequently asked questions? Click here.

Tax professionals may be interested in subscribing to our biannual newsletter, Tax Dispatch. This newsletter features information specifically designed for tax practitioners. Click here to read past issues and subscribe to email updates.

Need extra help with a specific tax issue? Click here to contact the department.

Resources for Volunteers

Thanks to the generosity of volunteers, many of Indiana’s low-income, elderly, and special-needs taxpayers have an opportunity to file their taxes at no cost.

Need to know about special tax guidelines for senior citizens or military personnel? Want more information about specific tax types? Find answers to these questions and many more here.

Volunteers also may be interested in checking out the Volunteer Tax Handbook, which outlines important tax information.

If you would like to submit a question or topic suggestions, please send them to
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