Department Stops $39 Million in Attempted Identity Theft

Sept 9, 2014 – TaxTalk Blog

For sale: your identity.

Stop ID TheftThis year, identity theft criminals attempted to steal $39 million from Hoosier taxpayers. The Indiana Department of Revenue stopped 39,000 tax returns that were attempted identity theft. These refunds were requested by criminals who stole real taxpayer identities or made up fake identities and submitted returns in their names.

Not only did the department block these identity thieves from stealing Hoosiers’ tax dollars, it is working to hold these criminals responsible for the identity theft and prevent them from stealing money from Indiana in the future. A number of active cases are under investigation and the department expects to present cases to prosecutors by the end of 2014.

The attempted fraud through identity theft was discovered by the department’s increased security activities during the 2014 tax filing process. Of the returns checked for verification, 95 percent of taxpayers’ information was verified and the returns continued processing as usual.

As an additional level of protection, 30,000 taxpayers took an Identity Confirmation Quiz to help the department confirm their identities. Most survey respondents said the quiz was easy and quick to take, and many expressed appreciation for the additional level of protection.

Preventing identity theft will not stop with this year’s success. The department will use this year’s experience to stop additional potential identity theft and tax fraud in the 2015 tax season and beyond.

Hoosiers with questions about protecting their identities can visit the department’s Stop ID Theft website at for frequently asked questions, identity protection tips, a video and additional resources. Hoosiers can also sign up for the Attorney General’s ID Theft Protection Tool Kit at

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