Department of Revenue Rulemaking Document

Pending Rule Under Consideration

Title: Amends 45 IAC 4.1 concerning death taxation (LSA Document #14-144 has been withdrawn)

  1. Description
    1. Amends 45 IAC 4.1 concerning death taxation.
    2. Indiana Register
  2. Notices
    1. Notice of Intent
    2. Proposed Rule: NA
    3. Notice of Public Hearing:
    1. Comments may be submitted on this proposed rules change by emailing comments and/or recommendations to Comments may also be mailed to Indiana Department of Revenue, Attn: Policy, 100 N. Senate Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204-2253.
    2. To be considered, comments must be received by:
    3. Comments may be inspected upon request at the Departments offices at 100 N. Senate Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204-2253
  4. Public Hearing
    1. A public hearing on the proposed rules changes will be conducted:
    2. Public Hearing Notice: TBA
  5. Findings related to the proposed rule changes
    1. Fiscal Impact Analysis
    2. Economic Impact Statement
    3. IEDC Response Letter
  6. Timetable
    1. The anticipated timetable for the proposed rule changes: