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Contact: Chetrice Mosley 
(317) 232-2379

Indiana Motor Carrier Services Launches First of Its Kind Mobile App

INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 28, 2013) — After several months of development and thorough user testing, the Indiana Department of Revenue launched the first mobile version of the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) system.

With this unique mobile version, motor carriers can now register and pay for their Unified Carrier Registration using their smart phones 24/7, 365 days a year.
“This is another way that the Indiana Department of Revenue’s motor carrier services division is providing high-quality customer service,” said Deputy Commissioner Jim Poe. “Indiana is the first to offer this type of on-the-go service, which allows motor carriers to be compliant while on the road with an easy-to-use mobile application.”

In addition to being able to register and pay on their smart phones, other benefits include:

  • Convenient for motor carriers, especially because many have smart phones in lieu of laptops while on the road
  • Accessible on most smart phones
  • User friendly and easy-to-pay system
  • A way to avoid violations and being ticketed by enforcement because it allows motor carriers to register and pay their fees before crossing state lines

This mobile version also allows enforcement officers to verify a carrier’s registration on the road anytime, anywhere.

If a motor carrier is using a smart phone and goes to, the UCR system will automatically default to the mobile version. There is no need to download an app from an online store and, there is no extra cost when using the mobile version of the UCR system.

Individuals and companies who operate commercial motor vehicles across state lines are required to register for a UCR and pay an annual fee based on the size of their fleet. For more information about the UCR, visit

This new mobile application makes the process easy and immediately available, and continues to make the trucking industry in Indiana and the nation more efficient and effective.


Contact: Chetrice Mosley (317) 232-2379 - office