Part 3 – Mandate for business tax filers: help from tax practitioners

August 13, 2012 – TaxTalk Blog

This is the third of a three-part series.

Last week we discussed registration requirements, procedures, and exceptions to the new electronic filing mandate for filing and remitting sales and withholding taxes. Today we’re talking about how you can use tax practitioners to help you meet your filing requirements.

Did you know that with INtax, your authorized practitioner can file and pay your business taxes on your behalf; take care of several other record-keeping tasks; and manage several of your business tax types, including Indiana retail sales, out-of-state sales, prepaid sales, metered pump sales, tire fees, fuel taxes, and withholding taxes, and more?

Here are just a few of the other tasks a practitioner can do for you using INtax:

  • Correspond with the Department online through a confidential, secure inbox
  • Schedule payments up to 30 days ahead
  • File a return even when no tax is due for that filing period so you can avoid best information available (BIA) bills
  • View your payment and return history at any time

Important: Practitioners are required to have a Power of Attorney on file for you to be able to communicate with the Department regarding a business account. To learn more about the Power of Attorney procedures and download a form, visit

We have already begun mailing letters to business taxpayers explaining the legislative change and how to register with INtax. In addition to a letter, each business that is not currently electronically paying and filing its sales and withholding will be receiving an INtax QuickStart Guide. This guide will help new users register for INtax and navigate through the website. To get a copy of the guide, click here. In addition, our Customer Contact section is calling taxpayers to inform them of the change and an INtax hotline is available for taxpayers who need help with the registration process (317-232-2337).

According to a recent user survey, most current users had positive feedback about the program:

  • 90% of users surveyed said that the instructions for INtax are easy to understand
  • 90% of users surveyed said that the INtax website is easy to navigate
  • 83% of users surveyed who had viewed the INtax tutorials said that the tutorials were helpful
  • 91% of users surveyed said that they were satisfied with INtax

Our goal is to help you jump on the INtax bandwagon by the first of next year. So avoid the January rush: log on to INtax today and begin electronically filing your sales and withholding taxes.

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