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Contact: Bob Dittmer, APR
(317) 234-3793

Indiana Tax Tips April 2, 2012

Indianapolis (April. 2, 2012) Here are a few tips you can share with your readers/viewers/ listeners:
There are only two weeks left to file your taxes – the time for procrastination has just about run out. But, there are several ways you can finish off your taxes by April 17.

  1. File electronically – Filing electronically means you can receive a tax refund in as little as seven to ten days. Refunds from a paper filing can take up to 12 weeks. Also, electronic filing has step-by-step instructions, is 10 times more likely to be accurate and is much more secure.

    1. You might be able to file state and federal taxes for FREE with Indiana’s new INfreefile system. Just go to and check to see if you qualify for the program – about 1 million Hoosiers do.
    2. If you don’t qualify for INfreefile, you may still be able to get free federal filing. You can check to see what other vendors are available for federal filing. Everyone at least qualifies to use the IRS free, fillable forms to file federal returns. After you file your federal return, you can use a vendor or state booklet to file your Indiana return.
    3. You can use software packages either online or from retail stores and file through those packages.

  2. Use a paid preparer – There are many reputable agents who can help you do your taxes. Just remember to be careful. Check the Indiana CPA Society (, Indiana Society of Enrolled Agents (, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the opinions of your friends and relatives to make sure you find someone you can trust. Letting someone else do your taxes means you are exposing a tremendous amount of your personal information to someone you may not know – make sure you find someone you can trust.

  3. File a paper return – The Indiana Department of Revenue will still accept a paper filing. You can check your local library for forms and booklets, pick up a booklet or forms at one of our District Offices (find them at, or you can access all of our forms and booklets online at:

You can mail your forms in or you can drop them off in the drop box located on the ground floor of the Indiana Government Center North building.


Contact: Bob Dittmer, APR (317) 234-3793 - office