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Contact: Bob Dittmer, APR
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State Saves on Facilities

(Jan. 26, 2012) A newly inked lease agreement will save Indiana taxpayers nearly $500,000 per year. These savings will begin in 2013 and will be fully realized in 2014.

The Indiana Department of Revenue has entered into a new 10 year lease agreement which will allow the department to combine operations in two separate buildings into one much smaller facility now under construction in Ameriplex Park. The move will cut state spending for these facilities by approximately half a million dollars per year, 26 percent of current costs. Over the course of the 10 year lease, savings are projected at nearly $4 million.

The new building will also reduce the department’s leased space in Ameriplex Park from 174,000 square feet to 98,000 square feet – a 44 percent space reduction.

This significant space savings results primarily from the Department of Revenue’s adoption of document imaging technology which reduces the need for paper record storage, while providing a secure digital format for tax all records. Until recently, the state was required to store seven years of paper tax records, which occupied the vast majority of warehouse space being used. Now, after the adoption of digital imagining, the amount of paper stored has been minimized and smaller facilities can be used to fulfill the same function.

The space savings will not only reduce building size, but also combine three state divisions under one roof. The move combines the Department of Revenue’s Returns Processing Center, The Department of Revenue’s Motor Carrier Services Division and the Indiana State Police’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division together while still leaving room for future tenants.

  1. Department of Revenue Returns Processing Center
    - Where all Indiana state tax returns are processed and imaged into long term storage. In 2010 1.2 million individual and corporate paper tax returns were processed at the RPC.
  1. Department of Revenue’s Motor Carrier Services
    - Provides guidance and services to motor-carrier companies, commercial drivers and residents of Indiana related to commercial vehicles. MCS also handles the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), International Registration Plan (IRP), Commercial Drivers License Medical Certification, Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permitting, Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) and USDOT numbers.
  1. State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division
    - Responsible for enforcing all state and federal laws related to commercial vehicles as well as managing Indiana’s school bus inspection program, safety audits or motor carriers and enforcing Indiana’s dyed fuel laws.

The new building will be furnished with existing furniture from the current facility and, when necessary, refurbished furniture will be purchased to replace damaged or worn out pieces from Logan.

The building will be owned by Holladay Properties and constructed by Holladay Construction Group.

A staged move to the new facility is scheduled to begin in October 2012 with the Returns Processing Center moving first to insure readiness for the January 2013 tax season.


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