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Contact: Stephanie McFarland, APR
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New fee for wireless prepaid phone cards and services beginning in July

INDIANAPOLIS (June 22, 2010) – Beginning July 1 retailers throughout the state who sell prepaid mobile phone cards and services will be required to charge their customers 25 cents per sale of these products and services.

The fee, known as the Prepaid 911 Enhancement Fee, is the result of a new law passed in the spring by the Indiana General Assembly. Revenues from the fees will go to fund Indiana compliance with the 911 requirements, also established by the state legislature.

Retailers are required to inform customers of the fee, which will be charged per sales transaction on the base price of the product. Customers can expect to pay the fee on items such as mobile phone cards and prepaid mobile phone services.


Contact: Stephanie McFarland, APR (317) 234-3793 - office