Passenger and Household Goods


What is operating authority?

Operating authority allows the for-hire transportation of household goods and passengers for compensation. Intrastate authority refers to movements between points within the State of Indiana and is issued by the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Who needs to know about it?

If you plan to transport passengers or household goods between points in Indiana, you need to apply for an Indiana operating authority. This gives you Indiana operating authority to transport passengers and household goods. Carriers may include professional movers, limousine companies, medical transportation providers, shuttle busses, etc.

What are the exceptions?

There are several exceptions to needing an Indiana operating authority. To see if you meet one of the exceptions, click here.

What do I do next?

If you transport passengers or household goods for hire, you must apply for Indiana operating authority. Because there are three types of operating authority (permanent, temporary, and emergency), you’ll need to review the options, requirements, and applications found at

Things to Remember

To see or print a complete Passenger and Household Goods checklist, click here.