Oversize/Overweight (OSW)


What does oversize/overweight refer to?

You ever see those trucks that have signs saying “Oversize Load” or “Wide Load”? That’s because they are hauling oversize and/or overweight loads that exceed the state’s legal limits of:

Who needs to know about this?

If you are a driver carrying a wide load, you must get an oversize and/or overweight vehicle permit before traveling on Indiana roads to ensure the safety of other vehicles.

What are the exceptions?

The exceptions may contain implements of emergency vehicles and husbandry. Another exception is farm equipment (during farming season) as long as the equipment’s wheels do not touch the interstate highways.

What do I do next?

To order and obtain an Oversize/Overweight (OSW) permit in Indiana, you must set up an OSW Transporting Account, order your permits, and follow the general provisions (or requirements) of the permit.

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Things to Remember AFTER You Get a Permit

  • You must have the signed permit, along with the General Provision Sheet (M-204), in your truck before moving a load.
  • You must have proper signs, flags, and lights on your truck and load.
  • Check road restrictions and bridge maps before moving.
  • Read the General Provision Sheet and be sure to follow all rules and regulations.
  • Contact MCS if you change the name of or close your business.

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