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Learn About and Register a Partnership

When two or more people own a for-profit business, they could form a general partnership. In this case, all partners are responsible for the liabilities and debts of the business. And when tax time rolls around, each partner must report the income from the business as part of his or her personal income.

Some general partnerships, however, are required to register with the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR). You will need to register your partnership if:

To register a partnership with DOR, visit INBiz.


Alison and Jaime run a winery in Fort Wayne. The winery has a small café that allows customers to pair wines with appetizer-style foods. The winery employs 10 people to assist with the café and processing the grapes. Alison and Jaime will need to register their business for food-and-beverage tax, withholding tax and sales tax. Selling bottles of wine and food requires the company to register for sales tax; being in Allen County requires the company to collect a one percent food-and-beverage tax; and having employees requires the company to withhold taxes for employees' wages. The business will register with the department to set up the proper tax accounts. And because they'll be selling alcohol, they will need to get a license from the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

This example shows some of the many possibilities for a partnership. It is not meant to provide advice for organizing your business.

For additional help registering your partnership, you may e-mail DOR or call us at (317) 233-4015.

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