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Welcome to DOR's Tax Talk Blog

Tax Talk is a weekly blog published each Wednesday by the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) that discusses tax tips, DOR programs, and helpful information for tax preparers. During tax season blogs are posted on both Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Learn About Registering for INTIME and the New Power of Attorney Process


By Michelle Cain

Over the last two weeks, DOR has been introducing our Tax Talk readers to Project NextDOR and INTIME—the agency’s four year modernization project and e-services portal. This week, we’ll discuss how specific users will be able to register with INTIME after September 3.

Additionally, we’ll explain the new electronic Power of Attorney process and how customers can get their INTIME-specific questions answered. Let’s get started!

1.) How to Register with INTIME
One of the common questions we have received is how to register for INTIME. Check out the short video below that demonstrates how specific users can register once the first rollout launches on September 3. As a reminder, INTIME will only be available for Corporate Income, Partnership and S Corporation, Utilities Receipt, Financial Institutions, Non-Profit and Aircraft customers. If you are unable to view the video, visit ProjectNextDOR.dor.in.gov.

The Practitioner Quick Start Guide is another great resource that helps customers walk through the process of registering for INTIME, while also providing helpful tips to ensure an easy transition into the new system.

2.) The New and Improved Power of Attorney Process
What did you say, a new AND improved Power of Attorney Process? Yes, that’s exactly what we said! In fact, DOR collaborated over the past year with tax practitioners around the state to address the complexities of submitting a Power of Attorney. INTIME will provide the option to submit an electronic Power of Attorney (or ePOA) to streamline the establishment of a POA relationship. Winning!! See more in our graphic below!

3.) Dedicated Customer Service Representatives Dedicated?
Yes, we mean dedicated to only answer questions about INTIME, not just dedicated to the job, all of our customer service representatives are dedicated to that. As with any new program, there may be some hiccups along the way and we want to assure our customers will get the help they need during this time of transition. These INTIME dedicated Customer Service Representatives will be available to help all customers and tax practitioners starting September 3.


On or after September 3, customers are encouraged to call 317-232-0129 and select option “1” for all questions regarding INTIME.

For more information regarding INTIME, visit ProjectNextDOR.dor.in.gov.

Stay tuned next week, for our final blog before INTIME launches to learn what to expect after September 3.


Farmers: Consider the Correct Permits When Hauling Away Your Crops



By Anna Bockelman

August 19, 2019

Farmers are the soul of Indiana and we are proud of it! It won’t be long before we start seeing combines on the roads, out in the fields and semis hauling away the crops.

Before farmers leave their fields, they need to plan ahead to be sure they’re taking a route that allows this type of equipment. While oversized or overweight agricultural implements or semis do not need permits to drive on local roads, this does not apply to state roads, US highways and interstates!

If you think your semi or farm equipment weighs more than 80,000 lbs or is larger than the legal height, length and width, and you need to drive on a state road, US highway or interstate to get to your destination, you must get a permit from our Motor Carrier Services team. Our team is ready and willing to help!

You can visit our team in person at:

Motor Carrier Services Division
7811 Milhouse Road, Suite M
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Or call: (317) 615-7320

Driving oversize or overweight vehicles on the roadways listed above without a permit can result in a civil penalty of $5,000. Permit prices are based on the size of your vehicle and the weight, but usually don’t cost more than $100 depending on the number of trips you are making and the distance of the trip.

Figuring out the weight can be hard because we know a majority of farmers don’t have a scale to know the exact weight of their semis. Our Motor Carrier Services team can talk you through options like buying the Overweight Commodities Permit. For semis hauling items like bulk grains, this could be the option for you. It allows semis within the legal width, height and length carry up to 97,000 lbs.

Our team is happy to help you work through any questions you have!

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