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How do I read a refund check?

  • Current: How to Read a Refund Check

This document will be a Z fold with the check inside. Tear-off edges will be perforated.

 Number 1
 Number 2
  1. Taxpayer's Identification Number
  2. IND - Individual
    COR - Corporation
    WTH - Withholding
    RST - Sales Tax
  3. Type of tax return filed
  4. Explanation of why refund issued
  5. Additional information

RE: ID Type # 1234567890-TIC
Numver 3Form Type IT-40


Number 4For the account period ending 12/31/2000, enclosed is your refund check in the amount of $1,500.00, which includes interest of $500.00.

Number 5Should you have any question regarding this refund or feel this refund is not due for any reason, please do not cash this check. Instead, call the Department at (317) 123-4567, and reference the DLN# 1234567890123.

Tax Type IND

Check Sample

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