New Student Site Demystifies the Process of Filing Indiana Taxes

March 23, 2006

Contact: Stephanie McFarland, APR
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INDIANAPOLIS (March 23, 2006) –With approximately 77 percent of all undergraduates across the nation earning a paycheck, it’s estimated that nearly 200,000 of them are Indiana college students who will likely file state taxes this year. To help Indiana college students complete their tax returns, the Department of Revenue has launched a new Web site – Student Taxes: Simplified -- specifically designed for college and high-school students.

“Many of these students may be filing tax returns on their own this year, now that they’re living away from home,” said revenue Public Affairs Director Stephanie McFarland. “The site concentrates on the questions and concerns students are likely to have when filing their taxes.”

The Web site offers a checklist of filing materials and forms, definitions of tax terms and answers to commonly asked tax questions, as well as some tax humor and trivia.

Students who have filed in the past may also access I-File, Indiana’s free online tax-filing service, from the student site. The newly upgraded I-File program walks students through every step of the tax-filing process online with a question-and-answer format. The program also selects the appropriate tax form and helps to identify deductions for which the user may qualify.

Department officials estimate even the most novice taxpayer can complete the filing process in about 30 minutes.

“I-File also expedites the refund process,” said Commissioner John Eckart. “On average, taxpayers who file electronically receive their state refunds within 14 days of filing.”

Student Taxes: Simplified can be accessed at To file using the I-File program, a Indiana tax return of any form type must have been filed in a previous year.