2006 Individual Income Tax Forms

2006 Corrections Update to homeowner's property tax catch-up deduction worksheets.

Indiana Full-Year Residents

Name Description Size Rev Date File Type
IT-40 Booklet 2006 IT-40 Income Tax Booklet with Forms and Schedules 807k 08/06 pdf
IT-40 Form 2006 IT-40 Income Tax Form 254k 08/06 pdf
IT-40 Schedules 1 & 2 Schedules 1 & 2 for the IT-40: Indiana Deductions and Credits 226k 08/06 pdf
IT-40 Schedules 3 & 3A Schedules 3 & 3A for the IT-40: Partnership and S Corporation Disclosure 143k 08/06 pdf
CT-40 County Tax Schedule for Indiana Residents 185k 08/06 pdf
IT-40EZ Booklet 2006 IT-40EZ Income Tax Booklet with Form 232k 08/06 pdf
IT-40 Booklet (Spanish Version) 2006 Indiana El formulario IT-40 del residente individual 884k 03/07 pdf

Indiana Part-Year Residents and Full-Year Non-Residents

Name Description Size Rev Date File Type
IT-40PNR Booklet 2006 Nonresident Tax Booklet with Forms and Schedules 855k 08/06 pdf
IT-40PNR Form 2006 IT-40 PNR Form 254k 08/06 pdf
IT-40PNR Schedule A Schedule A for the IT-40PNR: Income, Proration & Adjustments 20k


IT-40PNR Schedules D & E Schedules D & E for the IT-40PNR: Indiana Deductions & Credits 22k 08/06 pdf
IT-40PNR Schedules F & F1 Schedules F & F1 for the IT-40PNR: Partnership and S Corporation Disclosure 16k 08/06 pdf
CT-40PNR County Tax Schedule for Part-Year and Full-Year Nonresident 20k 08/06 pdf
IT-40RNR 2006 Reciprocal Nonresident Individual Tax Return 90k 08/06 pdf

Indiana Income Tax Booklet for 1996 & Earlier

Name Description Size Rev Date File Type
IT-40P Booklet Prior Year Income Tax Booklet (For Tax Year 1996 or Earlier) 322k 09/01 pdf

Other Individual Tax Forms/Schedules

Name Description Size Rev Date File Type
CC-40 Indiana College Credit 25k 08/06 pdf
ES-40 2007 Estimated Tax Payment Voucher 26k 08/06 pdf
IN-EIC Indiana's Earned Income Credit 212k 08/06 pdf
IN-H Indiana Household Employment Taxes 32k 08/05 pdf
IN-MSA Indiana Individual Medical Savings Accounts 18k 08/00 pdf
IT-2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 38k 08/06 pdf
IT-2210A Annualized Schedule for Underpayment of Estimated Tax 41k 08/06 pdf
IT-2440 Indiana Disability Retirement Deduction 37k 08/05 pdf
IT-40NOL Net Operating Loss Computation for Individuals 69k 08/06 pdf
IT-40PNRA Indiana Apportionment Schedule for Nonresident Individuals 36k 08/06 pdf
IT-40X Amended Individual Income Tax Return – click here and select Individual Income Tax Forms from the list to get the most current Form IT-40X.
IT-9 2006 Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File 29k 08/06 pdf
SC-40 2006 Unified Tax Credit for the Elderly 28k 08/06 pdf
TCSP-40 Twenty-First Century Scholars Program Credit 30k 08/05 pdf
Brochure #1 Indiana Estimated Tax and Your Retirement Income 65k 11/02 pdf