2004 Individual Income Tax Forms

2004 Correction Update

IT-40 and IT-40PNR Filers: See the new Step 1a addition to the instructions for those who claimed the Lake County credit on their 2003 income tax return and are claiming the 2003 homeowner’s property tax deduction on their 2004 income tax return.

Indiana Full-Year Residents


Name Description Size Rev Date File Type
IT-40 Booklet 2004 IT-40 Income Tax Booklet with Forms and Schedules 722k 08/04 pdf
IT-40 Form 2004 IT-40 Income Tax Form 82k 08/04 pdf
IT-40 Schedules 1 & 2 Schedules 1 & 2 for the IT-40: Indiana Deductions and Credits 18k 08/04 pdf
CT-40 County Tax Schedule for Indiana Residents 25k 08/04 pdf
IT-40EZ Booklet 2004 IT-40 EZ Income Tax Booklet with Form 219k 08/04 pdf
IT-40 (Spanish Version Booklet) 2004 IT-40 Residente de todo el año librete de impuestos para ganancia individual 1m 08/04 pdf
IT-40 (Spanish Version Form) 2004 IT-40 Residente de todo el año formulario 48k 08/04 pdf

Indiana Part-Year Residents and Full-Year Non-Residents


Name Description Size Rev Date File Type
IT-40PNR Booklet 2004 Nonresident Tax Booklet with Forms and Schedules 1m 08/04 pdf
IT-40PNR Form 2004 IT-40 PNR Form 81k 08/04 pdf
IT-40PNR Schedule A Schedule A for the IT-40PNR: Income, Proration & Adjustments 22k 08/04 pdf
IT-40PNR Schedules D & E Schedules D & E for the IT-40PNR: Indiana Deductions & Credits 24k 08/04 pdf
CT-40PNR County Tax Schedule for Part-Year and Full-Year Nonresident 24k 08/04 pdf
IT-40RNR 2004 Reciprocal Nonresident Individual Tax Return 109k 08/04 pdf

Indiana Income Tax Booklet for 1996 & Earlier


Name Description Size Rev Date File Type
IT-40P Booklet Prior Year Income Tax Booklet (For Tax Year 1996 or Earlier) 322k 09/01 pdf

Other Individual Tax Forms/Schedules


Name Description Size Rev Date File Type
IN-EIC Indiana's Earned Income Credit 23k 10/04 pdf
IT-40X Amended Individual Income Tax Return – click here and select Individual Income Tax Forms from the list to get the most current Form IT-40X.      
SC-40 2004 Unified Tax Credit for the Elderly 37k 08/04 pdf
IT-2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 39k 08/04 pdf
IT-2210A Annualized Schedule for Underpayment of Estimated Tax 42k 08/04 pdf
IT-40NOL Net Operating Loss Computation for Individuals 70k 10/04 pdf
CC-40 Indiana College Credit 82k 08/03 pdf
ES-40 2005 Estimated Tax Payment Voucher 23k 08/04 pdf
Brochure #1 Indiana Estimated Tax and Your Retirement Income 65k 11/02 pdf
IT-2440 Indiana Disability Retirement Deduction 77k 08/03 pdf
IN-MSA Indiana Individual Medical Savings Accounts 18k 08/00 pdf
IT-9 2004 Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File 26k 08/04 pdf
IT-40PNRA Indiana Apportionment Schedule for Nonresident Individuals 60k 08/04 pdf
IN-H Indiana Household Employment Taxes 72k 08/03 pdf
TCSP-40 Twenty-First Century Scholars Program Credit 58k 08/03 pdf
WH-4852 Indiana Substitute for Form W-2 or Form 1099-R 43k 01/03 pdf