Electronic Filing Publications

Forms and publications about filing your Indiana taxes electronically for individuals and corporations can be found below.

Name State Form Number Description File Type
IT-8453 OL 46201 Declaration of Electronic Online Filing - Individual fill-in pdf
IT-8879 53399 Declaration of Electronic Filing - Individual fill-in pdf
Publication 1345 SP 275 Overview of Publication IND 1345 for Electronic Return Originators and Transmitters pdf
EFT-BIC 50109 Bank Information Change fill-in pdf
EFT-100 SP 268 EFT Program Information Guide and Registration Packet pdf
EFT-1 50110 Authorization Agreement Form for Electronic funds Transfer fill-in pdf
IT-8879C 55685 Declaration of Electronic Filing - S Corporation fill-in pdf
Publication 4163 SP 358 Electronic Filing Handbook - Corporate/Partnership pdf