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Great People & Best-In-Class Customer Service

Great People & Best-In-Class Customer Service

We strive to be recognized as the premier tax administrator in the nation and a great place to work.

DOR Pyramid of Excellence

DOR Pyramid of Excellence

About the Department

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) was created in 1947 and has a proud 70-year history of serving Indiana and its diverse population and business community.

DOR’s approximately 750 dedicated team members administer over 60 different tax types and annually process more than $18 billion of tax revenue including:

  • Processing millions of tax returns
  • Handling hundreds of thousands of pieces of correspondence and phone calls
  • Completing thousands of diverse audits
  • Addressing tax protest and legal issues
  • Working in-person with individuals, business owners, tax preparers and a variety of stakeholders

DOR’s Guiding Principles

DOR has embraced Governor Holcomb’s guiding principles, listed below:

  • Push the envelope
  • Embrace change
  • Create & harness energy
  • Break down silos
  • Operate at business speed

Since Commissioner Adam Krupp took office in January of 2017, several new programs and initiatives have been introduced focusing on improving design, operation, management, and level of service delivery for all DOR functions.

A special focus has been improving the overall health of DOR by improving leadership practices, partner relationships, internal and external communications, recognizing team member performance, and improving employee engagement. These initiatives are all part of one big picture to improve DOR's culture. Improved customer service, becoming passionate about continuous improvement and making DOR a great place to work are the goals of the new DOR.

A key component to the new DOR is a new mission and vision. The shift from "collect" to "serve" and "taxpayers" to "customers" is a direct reflection of the fundamental shift within DOR.

You can read the new mission, vision and the pyramid of excellence and learn more about DOR on our Mission & Vision webpage.

Annual Reports

Each year, the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) submits an annual report to the Governor’s Office outlining the agency’s accomplishments from the most recent fiscal year. Take some time to explore the improvements DOR has made in recent years.