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2022 Everyday Safety Hero Award Recipients

Nominees and recipients of this award are not necessarily safety and health professionals, but are individuals who champion occupational safety and health excellence in their workplaces. Whether they have volunteered to spearhead safety and health initiatives or provided mentoring or support to co-workers, these individuals have truly earned the title of Everyday Safety Hero.

Randy Miller
Maintenance Supervisor with Cardinal IG, Fremont, Indiana

Randy Miller

Randy Miller began working at Cardinal Glass in 2006 as a maintenance technician. Over the years, he has assisted in numerous safety projects. In 2018, Cardinal Glass submitted its application to become a VPP site. Randy was instrumental in helping them obtain a VPP Star certification.

Randy was promoted to Maintenance Supervisor in 2021. When the company's laser safety officer left, Randy volunteered to attend laser classes and assume those duties as well. He also served as the primary maintenance contact during Cardinal Glass' 2021 VPP re-certification.

Don Voegerl
Facilities Maintenance Team Lead with Kimball Electronics, Jasper, Indiana

A 37-year employee of Kimball Electronics, Don's leadership and vigilance in safety and health are critical for the maintenance team and all employees. Over the years, Don has designed safety solutions for numerous machines, production processes, and other areas of the facility.

Don views safety as a team effort for every employee at Kimball Electronics - Jasper and works constantly to increase that strength and understanding. Don cares about his co-workers and carries the mindset of "Safety Always."

Scott Lewis
Clinton Plant Director with Sustainable Sourcing LLC, Lisle, Indiana

From his first day at Sustainable Sourcing, Scott fostered a culture of caring and safety for each member of the team. His passion and compassion resulted in total employee engagement in workplace safety and health. Through Scott’s leadership, hazards and potential hazards are identified and abated quickly.

Safe work practices are incorporated into processes and procedures. When an employee recognizes an area of improvement, it is analyzed by the team and changes to the work practice or operational procedure are made quickly. The team investigates all near misses for root cause, asking "why?" until the culprit is identified. Sustainable Sourcing LLC has worked over nine years without a recordable workplace injury.

Rob Seals
UAW 685 Safety Representative with Stellantis-Indiana Transmission Plant, Kokomo, Indiana

Rob believes in building a thorough and transparent safety and health program on the guiding principles of morality/ethics, accountability, and resolve. He has employed his passion for workplace safety and health facility-wide at Stellantis. After recognizing hazardous scenarios between pedestrians and powered industrial trucks in the facility, Rob implemented multiple safe strategies and safety features on the company's powered industrial vehicles to nearly eliminate the issues entirely.

Identifying risks in the company's Fall Protection Program, Rob acquired a mobile fall arrest device that would allow tradespeople to work from a height while being properly tied off, eliminating the need to use an aerial lift. Stellantis-Indiana Transmission Plant has not had an aerial incident since 2015.

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