April 21, 2004 Meeting


The Indiana Board of Safety Review will meet in Room W195, 402 West Washington Street, Indianapolis,
Indiana on April 21, 2004 at 10:00 a.m., E.S.T. for the purpose of discussing the following:

I. Agreed Entries

97-106 Roberts Const., Inc.
98-43 Payton Wells Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge
98-85 Precoat Metals
99-3 J And L’s Cargo Express, Inc.
00-41 Ulises Luna
00-77 Cinergy Corp. Noblesville Station
01-012 Saxon Metals, Inc.
01-037 W. R. Kelso Co. Interiors
01-050 W. R. Kelso Co. Interiors
01-062 Leland Roberts Construction, Inc.
02-012 Pangere Corp.
02-050 Ertel Roofing
03-008 Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.
03-035 Precision Caulking
03-060 Huggett & Betten Co.
04-003 Jasper Rubber Products, Inc.

Any additional Agreed Entries filed prior to the above scheduled meeting.