Fall From Elevation Hazard Alert

As we all know, nationally, falls are the leading killer of construction workers. Specifically in Indiana:

Findings of the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health

Worker Deaths by Falls (publication No. 2000-116)

50% of fatal falls occur in the construction industry. Construction Workers make up only 6% of the workforce.

Fatal falls by location from which worker fell:

  • Building(roof /floor) 44%
  • From one level to another 8%
  • Scaffolds 19%
  • Ladders 9%

Circumstances of fatal roof-related falls:

  • From roof   80%
  • Through roof   20%

26% of fatal falls occur with employers of 12 or less employees.

40% of fatal falls occur in the first six months of the victims employment (18% in the first month)

Half of the fatal falls are from 25 feet or less.

Please share this information with your fellow workers.

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Updated 2/6/2001