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Office of Student Support and Accessibility

The Indiana Department of Education’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility (OSSA) was created in direct response to the academic impact caused by the global pandemic. Across Indiana, we know that racially and ethnically diverse, low-income, special education, and English learner students have experienced these impacts at higher rates than their peers. Alongside our local partners, we are committed to improving outcomes for students by providing research-based resources, workshops, and technical assistance.

OSSA currently consists of three focus areas, English learners and migrant education, special education, and overall technical support. Additional information regarding our work in each of these areas can be found below.

Facilitated IEP

Facilitated IEP Defined

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is dedicated to ensuring that local educational agencies (LEAs) receive effective and efficient targeted support when needed. A Facilitated IEP (FIEP) is an option available at the request of schools and parents for conflict prevention and resolution. This service is provided at no cost to parents or schools.  A trained impartial professional (facilitator) helps the case conference committee with the IEP process by keeping the meeting focused on the student, ensuring everyone at the table has a voice, encouraging active listening by all participants, helping keep team members on task and within the time allotted for the meeting, and participating as a non-committee member, which does not impose decisions on the group.

Consideration for FIEP Request:

  1. The case conference committee is spending more time trying to resolve conflicts than working on activities that promote student achievement and success.
  2. Multiple case conferences have been convened with little or no resolution.
  3. One or more case conference committee members believes their voice is not being heard.
  4. There is a large amount of new information to be processed, or the student's situation is particularly complex.
  5. Team members would like to create a better understanding of the accommodations and language within the IEP.
  6. Team members want clarity on the IEP facilitation process.
  7. There is a specific disagreement with which the team would like help to resolve.

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Requesting Technical Assistance

To ensure we are most effectively and efficiently responding to the needs of our local educational agencies (LEAs), you may now request technical assistance directly from IDOE. This is an opportunity for LEAs to voluntarily request targeted support with a development need or problem.

LEAs may request varying levels of technical assistance for the purpose of improving outcomes for students in one or more of the areas identified below.

  • Universal, General
  • Targeted, Specialized
  • Intensive, Sustained
  • Intensive, Longstanding

In addition to the ability for LEAs to voluntarily request technical assistance, IDOE may also require some LEAs to engage in technical assistance under certain circumstances. This identification can be based on the following, but is not limited to, areas of noncompliance (singular or ongoing), student outcomes data, service provision, and program effectiveness. IDOE will identify LEAs and, in some cases, identify areas of need for technical assistance.

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