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IREAD-3 for Families

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is excited to share resources with parents and families that provide transparency regarding the statewide grade 3 reading assessment. IREAD-3 was developed by Indiana educators to measure foundational reading skills of students at the end of their grade 3 school year.

En Espanol: Porque los estudiantes toman IREAD-3? Toca aqui para un video con mas informacion.

Here is a video to help introduce what IREAD-3 is all about and how to interpret your child’s score.

IREAD-3 - EnglishIREAD-3 - Spanish

Who participates in IREAD-3?

IREAD-3 is a summative assessment administered to all third graders enrolled in accredited Indiana schools. Grade 4 students may participate in an optional window in Fall 2020.

What does IREAD-3 assess?

IREAD-3 measures foundational reading standards through grade 3. IREAD-3 was developed in response to House Enrolled Act 1367 in 2010.

What are the IREAD-3 assessment windows?

  • Fall Administration November 2-November 6, 2020 (grade 4 students only)
  • Spring Administration March 8, 2021-March 19, 2021
  • Summer Administration May 25, 2021-July 16, 2021

How is IREAD-3 delivered?

IREAD-3 is a fixed form test consisting of three sections. The primary delivery mode is online. Paper, large print and braille materials are available for students as an accommodation only.

What resources are available to help prepare my child for IREAD-3?

The Department has provided several resources to help parents and students understand what the IREAD-3 assessment looks like.

  • Visit Cambium Assessment, Inc. (CAI)’s IREAD-3 Portal for resources from our test vendor, such as practice using the online test system.
  • Look at the Item Sampler to practice questions similar to what you will see on IREAD-3.
  • Explore the Test Blueprints to see what Indiana Academic Standards are being measured by this assessment. Want to know more about Test Blueprints? Check out this infographic.
  • Find additional sample items and mastery statements for each Indiana Academic Standard in the Item Specifications. Want to know more about Item Specifications? Check out this infographic.

What happens if my child does not pass IREAD-3?

Schools should determine whether to retain the student in grade 3 or promote the student to grade 4. Schools are required to provide students who do not pass with grade 3 reading instruction and an opportunity to take IREAD-3 in the spring and/or summer of the following school year(s). Some students may be eligible for a Good Cause Exemption, which exempts the student from the retest requirement. Please note that there are no consequences associated with the option Fall 2020 IREAD-3 window. Refer to the most recent guidance approved by the Indiana State Board of Education.

Whom do I contact with questions about IREAD-3?

Please contact us at with questions about this assessment.