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Accelerated Learning: Families

The opportunity to accelerate learning to make up for lost instructional time due to COVID-19 is a top priority for families, schools, and community organizations across Indiana. To support the planning process, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) encourages families to consider the following strategies to help students transition from one grade level to the next.

Working with Your Student’s School

Connecting with your child’s teacher can provide important insight into areas where your child has excelled this year and areas where gaps may exist. Below are several suggestions to help you begin this conversation:

  • What subject does my child excel in/enjoy the most?
  • What subject area challenges/frustrates my child the most?
  • What specific skills does my child need to work on for the next school year?
  • Will the school library be open during the summer?
  • Does the school/district offer summer learning programs for my child?
  • What special education services will be available for my child during the summer?
  • When/where will meals be served during the summer?

Keeping Your Student Engaged in Learning

Focus on programs that get your student involved in reading, writing and math. These may include number sense and computation in early grades or Algebra and Functions in later grades.

  • Check out what summer reading programs are available at your local library.
  • Discover summer opportunities for learning and service through your school.

Reviewing Graduation Requirements

Review graduation requirements for secondary students. Parents can find resources in English, Spanish, and Burmese.

Resources from the Indiana Department of Education

Additional Resources for Families