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Annual Forecast Pre-Order Survey

Annual Pre-Order (Forecast) Survey Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide support and resources when completing the survey. Remember to complete the survey in the FDP link in CNPweb and be sure to verify the Department of Defense (DoD) allocation is correct, if applicable.

Let's Get Ready To Survey!

Annual Pre-order Forecast Survey Training

USDA Foods List of Materials and Pricing - IDOE Annual Pre-order Forecast Survey Offerings for SY 24-25

  • About the Annual Pre-Order Survey
    • The SFA's menu is the heart of the school's operation and should be driving force when completing the survey.
    • The pre-order survey is the time when schools make direct delivered (brown box) and direct diverted (bulk products to a processor) requests for the following school year.
    • The survey is a "wishlist" of USDA Foods that schools request for the following school year.
    • The survey must be completed in order to participate in USDA Foods in Schools and the Food Distribution Program.
    • This survey helps IDOE determine the amount and which USDA Foods to order from USDA.
    • Both brown box and bulk products sent to processors are included on the same survey.
    • Pre-allocations for the entitlement funds diverted to the Department of Defense (DoD) Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program are posted under the entitlement tab on the survey.
    • *This is a request not an order. There is no guarantee that USDA will buy or deliver items requested.
    • Items should not be menued until they are showing in the SFAs inventory.
    • December: Department of Defense Fresh Fruits and Vegetables entitlement diversion deadline.
    • Mid to Late January: The survey typically opens.
    • Mid to Late March: Survey typically closes.

    Once the survey closes, it cannot be reopened. The survey must be completed by the deadline.

  • How to Qualify and Participate


    • Must be on the National School Lunch Program for at least one school year.
    • Cannot be vended or catered by a third party vendor.
    • Qualify if they contract with a Food Service Management Company (FSMC).

    To participate:

    • School Food Authorities must be set up on the Food Distribution Program in CNPweb and receive Planned Assisted Level (PAL) also known as entitlement.
    • The pre-order survey must be completed by all School Food Authorities in CNPweb.
    • Schools are encouraged to "spend" up to 102% of their allotted Planned Assistance Level (PAL) aka Entitlement dollars.
      • These dollars are based on total lunches served in the previous school year multiplied by the current per meal rate.
      • This rate differs from the child nutrition reimbursement rate.
  • Annual Pre-order Survey Forms