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LSA Document #17-270

Rulemaking Docket
 Date (“E”) for estimated future date

Notice of Intent - May 31, 2017
Related documents - June 19, 2018
Deadline for comments - December 5, 2017 and June 19, 2018
Public Hearing Information - December 5, 2017 and June 19, 2018
Adoption of Final Rule - June 19, 2018
Submitted to AG - July 6, 2018
Submitted to Governor - July 30, 2018
Final rule filed - August 30, 2018
Effective date of rule - January 1, 2019

LSA document number  17-270
Description of rule 

Amends 575 IAC 1-9-7 for new location requirement and fastening method for seat belt cutters and clarification of language specifying an additional seat belt cutter on a bus equipped with a lift. Amends 575 IAC 1-9-49 to add an option for an additional brake light and two additional backup lights. Statutory authority: IC 20-27-3-4.

Notice of intent Notice of Intent Rule17-210 seatbelt cutter and rear lights 2017
Related Documents 

Rule Signature Page

Response Public Comments

Public-hearing Summary

Specification Clarification LSA 17270

For additional information or to submit comments by mail, contact 
Michael A. LaRocco
Director, Office of School
Indiana Department of Education
115 West Washington Street, South Tower, Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-0890
Deadline for comments  December 5, 2017
Where comments and agency responses may be inspected  115 W. Washington Street
South Tower, Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Public hearing information 

Notice of Public Hearing

Notice of Public Hearing 2

Adoption of final rule  N/A
Submitted to Attorney General  01/22/2018
Submitted to Governor  N/A
Final rule filed with the Indiana Register  N/A
Effective date of rule  N/A
Proposed rule Proposed Rule