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School Health Reporting

Process to report School Health Information

Schools are responsible for entering School Health information within DOEOnline. The following outlines the process to follow to complete this.

Step 1:

Alert your DOE Online System Administrator (a staff member in your corporation) that you will be requesting access.

Step 2:

Request the role of Corporation School Health User by completing the "Account Request Form". Upon submitting the form, you will receive an email confirming the submission. [NOTE: Superintendents already have access via the role of "Corporation Administrator". Principals should already have access to the role of "School Administrator".]

Step 3:

Your DOE Online System Administrator approves your request to access the School Health Reporting tab of DOE Online in order to enter the health information.

Step 4:

Upon approval, you will receive an email with a username/password. The email will come from "". (Be sure to add the address to your address book/safe sender list so that this email does not go to your spam or junk mailbox.)

Step 5:

Login to DOE Online. You will have a tab on the left called, "School Health Reporting". You will be able to enter the school health information under this tab. Once you enter your data, please make sure to click the "Submit Data" button on the bottom right corner of the report to save and submit your data.

Step 6:

Anytime you need to make a change to the health information, within the collection window, login to DOE Online and follow the directions above in Step 5. You can enter and revise your data as much as you need during the collection window (March to June 15th) by clicking on the "Submit Data" button. DOE will only have one copy of your report--whatever is the last, most recent data you entered and submitted/saved will be kept on file.


For questions about your current account, such as usernames/passwords and the appropriate permissions, please contact your local administrator.

For questions regarding School Health Reporting, please contact Jolene Bracale (, IDOE Program Coordinator for Student Health Services.