Water Shortage Task Force

June 26, 2009 Meeting Summary

A meeting of the Water Shortage Task was held on June 26, 2009, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon (EDT) in Conference Room 2 of the IGCS in Indianapolis. The following is a brief summary of discussion topics, presentations, suggested action items, motions, and a proposed agenda for the upcoming July 23, 2009, task force meeting:

Discussion/Presentation Items:

1) Discussion of Water Use Priorities:

  • Proposed revisions to draft Water Use Priorities were suggested by Jack Wittman in order to allow document to accomplish its specified intent.
  • Task Force is charged with completing “initial” revision of Water Shortage Plan. The plan should be considered as a work in progress to be built upon, and that provides guidance without giving specific criteria.
  • Water Shortage Plan must clarify balance between efficient, non-essential and economically feasible uses of water. List does not solve problems, but identifies differences of water use.
  • Task Force does not have available resources to determine who gets water during a shortage. House Bill 1224 will establish group that should be able to address this charge. Water Shortage plan will not provide enforcement, and allows for innovative water use.
  • Motion was made to adopt Jack Wittman’s proposed comments to the Water Use Priorities with the final paragraph added as a “NOTE” to be added at the end of the section. Motion Was Approved.

2) Discussion of Goals and Actions Summary

  • Proposed “user fees” will be an issue with legislature. HB 1224 will address funding of water planning.
  • WSTF believes that a recommendation should be made to provide funding for future water planning. If regional planning is important, it must be supported. Debate should not be fees, but planning.
  • Proposed revision of Goals and Actions Summary was made that prioritized regional water planning and eliminated “user fees”.
  • Motion was made by the task force to adopt the Goals and Actions Summary with suggested revisions. Motion was Approved.

3) Discussion of Base Flow Policy:

  • WSTF discussed the possibility of setting minimum streamflow at Q90 discharge for local response.
  • Is the “Local Action Process” an established plan, or just the initiation of plan development? How are endangered species protected in water shortage plan process?
  • Proposed revisions to the State of Indiana Baseline Streamflow Policy were made by the WSTF.
  • Motion was made by the task force to adopt Baseline Streamflow Policy with suggested revisions. Motion was Approved.

A “clean” draft of Indiana’s Water Shortage Plan will be made available for public review on the Water Shortage Plan Webpage. All comments and proposed revisions to the proposed plan shall be provided, in writing, to the Division of Water by Friday, July 17, 2009.

Upcoming Task Force Meeting:

Next Water Shortage Task Force Meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 23, 2009, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon (EDT) in Conference Room 2 of the IGCS. Tentative agenda items include:

  • Discussion/Approval of Final Draft of Indiana’s Water Shortage Plan