Application Status

2-13-1 Online Permit Application Database
2-13-2 Telephone
2-13-3 E-Mail

2-13-1 Online Permit Application Database

The Permit Application Database provides the easiest and most up to date status information for permit applications. The online database is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and contains permit information for applications processed since 1990. It is searchable by the following fields:

  • Application Number
  • Primary Applicant's Name
  • Primary Agent's Name
  • Stream/Lake Name
  • County Name
  • City Name

Searches of the Online Permit Application Database can be further limited by searching a combination of the above fields.

2-13-2 Telephone:

A. Direct all telephone status inquiries to:

  1. Division of Water at (317) 232-4160 or toll-free 1-877-928-3755.

B. Provide the following:

  1. application number; and/or
  2. applicant's name.

2-13-3 E-Mail:

A. Direct all e-mail status inquiries to:


B. Provide the following:

  1. application number;
  2. administrative staff member's name;
  3. technical staff member's name
  4. environmental staff member's name;
  5. complete return e-mail address; and
  6. statement outlining the information being sought.

C. The inquiry will be routed to the appropriate staff member who will prepare and e-mail a response.