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Salamonie Lake

Salamonie Lake
9214 W. Lost Bridge West
Andrews, IN 46702

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Salamonie Lake advisories

  • Blue-Green Algae: Blue-green algae is at the ADVISORY alert level for the beach at SALAMONIE LAKE: Swimming and boating are permitted. Avoid contact with this algae and swallowing water while swimming. Take a bath or shower with warm soapy water after coming in contact with lake water. Do not use lake water for cooking nor bathing and do not allow your pets to swim or drink water where algae are present. Check back for updates. Learn more about blue-green algae.
  • TRAVEL DETOUR: The bridge is closed for construction on State Road 124 between 588 West and S 500 W, approximately one mile east of Mount Etna. It will remain closed through the end of October 2021. If traveling from the east on S.R. 124: Go south on S.R. 5 to I-69. Go south on I-69 to S.R. 218. Go west on S.R. 218 to S.R. 9. Go north on S.R. 9 to S.R 124. Go west on S.R. 124 to S.R. 105. Go north on S.R. 105 to the Lost Bridge West SRA sign (property entrance that leads to the campgrounds.) Please check back for updates.

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