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Indiana DNR-sponsored social media profiles and pages are a family-friendly outlet to promote our agency’s activities, events, and programs. What they are not:

We encourage you to ask questions and share comments on any other DNR topic. Our social media team monitors DNR-sponsored social media profiles and pages but is not responsible for content generated by users. We accept the majority of comments but are not obligated to respond to comments.

We will remove comments that include the following:

We do not discriminate against any views but reserve the right to remove posts that violate the above policies or that are deemed inappropriate. The DNR social media team reserves the right to close comments at any time on any or all of its social media sites. Repeated violations of our comment policy may cause the author to be blocked from Indiana DNR social media accounts.

Please contact dnrwebmaster@dnr.in.gov with questions.

Updated 12/2015