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Local Attractions

For information on local attractions and things to do, please visit Steuben County
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Guest Info

Welcome to YOUR Indiana State Park. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Below is some information that you may need during your stay with us. If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please dial “0” from any phone to reach the front desk.

  • NO SMOKING – If you or a member of your party are found to have smoked in a guest/banquet room, a cleaning fee of $250.00 will be assessed, and you hereby agree to pay. By state law, smoking must take place a minimum of eight (8) feet from any doorway or window at the Inn/Lodge.
  • CHECK-OUT IS 11:00 A.M. – If the guest room is still occupied after 11 a.m. a $25 fee will be assessed for the first 30 minutes. After 1 hour you will be charged a full night’s stay at the prevailing rack rate. Any exception to this must be approved prior to the 11 a.m. check-out time.
  • PETS – Pets are only allowed in designated rooms/cabins and are subject to a daily pet fee. If a guest is found to have a pet in a non-pet friendly room, a cleaning fee of $100 will be assessed and you hereby agree to pay. The only exception to the no pet policy is a service animal as defined by the American with Disabilities Act, which must be notified to the Inn prior to check-in.
  • LOST or STOLEN ITEMS – The Inn/Lodge is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. If you require valuables to be secured, please see the front desk associate.
  • QUIET TIME – The Inn/Lodge has a posted quiet time of 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., all guests are required to refrain from disturbing other guests. Violators will be asked to vacate the property.
  • GUEST WIRELESS INTERNET – To access the Inn’s complimentary internet service, open your device’s network manager and select “Inns-Public-Wifi” from the menu. Once connected, your browser should open to the sign in page automatically. If not, simply open your internet browser and go to www.IN.gov and click on “Accept” to accept the terms and conditions.
  • WAKEUP CALLS – Dial “0” to schedule a wake up call.
  • FRONT DESK HOURS – 24 Hours a Day, Dial “0” from any hotel phone.
  • GIFT SHOP HOURS – 24 Hours a Day, pay at front desk if attendant is not on duty.
  • FOOD SERVICE – See dining tab for operational hours and menus.
  • POOL HOURS – 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Outdoor Pools Closed Labor Day to Memorial Day Weekend)

  • Your safety is important to us, please follow the procedures below to ensure a safe stay.

  • RULES & REGULATIONS – Please follow all posted rules and regulations both in the Inn/Lodge and posted in the Park.
  • UPON ARRIVAL – Please refer to the back of your guest room door to locate fire exits and staircases. Please be aware of alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers in your area.
  • LOCK DOORS – For additional security, utilize the lock provided on your door. This will prevent the door from being opened by a regular room key. As an additional precaution, please secure the safety latch.
  • ADMITTANCE – Do not admit persons into your room without first making identification. If there is any doubt about the person’s identity, please contact the front desk.
  • KEY CARDS – Please safeguard your key by keeping it away from magnets and cell phones. Please return key cards to the front desk upon check-out. If you lose a key card, please visit the front desk for new key cards to be issued.
  • IN CASE OF FIRE – Stay calm. If safe to do so, exit the building through the nearest exit. Remember to take your room key card with you. If unable to exit room, moisten a towel and place it at bottom of door to keep out smoke. Dial “0” to notify the front desk or dial”9-911” from guest room phone to contact emergency personnel. Stay low to the ground. Fill the bathtub and/or sink with water with water, use to keep towel moist and to fight fire if needed. If able to open window, place a sheet or light colored cloth from window to signal emergency personnel of your location. DO NOT break the window or jump.
  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY – Contact the front desk by dialing “0”. If it is a life threating emergency, dial “9-911” from any phone, then contact front desk by dialing “0”.
  • IN CASE OF TORNADO OR SEVERE WEATHER – Proceed to designated safe areas as instructed.

  • Thank You for choosing Indiana State Parks as your home away from home! If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable while you are here, please let us know.

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    State Park Info

    For information on Pokagon State Park and Trine Recreation area please visit their website.
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    Legend says that Leopold Pokagon was the son of a Chippawa father and Ottawa mother, born around the year 1775. He was abducted from his Chippawa village by a Potawatomi chief and given to Chief Topenebee of the Potawatomi. He was given the name Pokagon because he was wearing a headdress which contained a human rib. The word Pokagon means "rib". However, books later written by his son, Simon, tend to refute this legend.

    Simon Pokagon, son of Leopold, was born in an old Potawatomi village. When Simon was eleven years old, his father died and area settlers took the task of educating him. He eventually attended four years at Notre Dame, one year at Oberlin, and two years at Twinsburg College in Ohio. During his college career, Simon met and married a Potawatomi Indian girl named Lonidaw. They built a wigwam home of bark and poles in a stately wood near a crystal lake somewhere in Northern Indiana. Lake Lonidaw, in Pokagon State Park, got its name because it is said to resemble this legendary lake.

    In treaties of 1826 and 1830, the Potawatomi tribe sold all their land which made up a large part of Northern Indiana and included the present site of Chicago. They were compensated with three cents an acre, which even at that time was considered an extremely small amount. It would be 70 years before they would be fully paid for the land. Following the treaty of 1830, the Potawatomi were evicted from the area and were relocated west of the Mississippi River to what is now Kansas. Leopold's band moved on their own to an area north of South Bend near Dowagiac, Michigan. In 1893, Simon Pokagon and his family attended the World's Fair in Chicago. It was there that Chief Pokagon transferred the deeds for the land. The occasion was a formality that was long overdue.

    In 1925, after careful planning and negotiating, the residents of Steuben County purchased 580 acres along the shores of Lake James and Snow Lake. The land was tendered as a Christmas gift from the residents of Steuben County to the State of Indiana. Another additional 127 acres were added by the State to make a total of 707 acres.

    Original construction of Potawatomi Inn1926 was the actual starting point of park construction. The park at that time consisted of 707 acres and was the third largest park in the state. After approximately two years, the twenty unit hotel (Potawatomi Inn) was completed, costing $3500.00 per unit. On February 23, 1927, Colonel Richard Lieber, State Conservation Commissioner suggested the name Pokagon after the Chief. By unanimous agreement, the park was officially named Pokagon State Park.

    Original construction of Potawatomi InnOriginal construction of Potawatomi Inn

    Most of the park construction was done by the Civilian Conservation Corps. (CCC) between 1934 and 1942. They constructed the roads, trails, camping units, walks, gate house, cabins, beach house, shelter house, Spring Shelter, Saddle Barn, and the first toboggan slide. In addition, they planted thousands of young trees.

    The park presently has 1,260 acres of woods and shoreline. People come from all over the Midwest to enjoy the park and recreational activities offered all four seasons of the year.

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    Historical Timeline:

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