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McCormick’s Creek State Park is Indiana’s oldest state park. It was dedicated on July 4, 1916, as part of the state Centennial Celebration. It has grown to 1,833 acres today from its original 350 acres.

The Miami Indians originally inhabited the area. The first settler to claim an acreage for homesteading was John McCormick. The land included nearly 100 acres along the canyon by the waterfalls. Since it was common to name physical locations by the owner’s name, McCormick’s Creek was now so named.

Historic Post Card Depicting the Original SanitariumIn 1888 Dr. Fredrick Denkewalter purchased part of the area to build a sanitarium for the wealthy to "get away from it all" and recuperate. The original sanitarium, built on the present-day Canyon Inn site, was a white-sided structure with long porches on every side. With the death of Dr. Denkewalter in 1914, the land was purchased by the State of Indiana in order to maintain the park-like setting.

The Canyon Inn opened its doors in the old sanitarium building in 1916. Over the years remodeling projects have changed the physical appearance of the Inn, which still stands on the original foundation, but it has not changed the surroundings and scenic appeal that first attracted Dr. Denkewalter.


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Local Attractions

Within 10-15 minutes of the Inn:
Within 15-30 minutes of the Inn:
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