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The Abe Martin Lodge is located just minutes from Nashville, Indiana. Known as the a place where nature and artists meet in the midwest, Nashville is a mecca for those who love arts, crafts and antiques. Nashville has more than 350 shops and attractions, with most of them within a few blocks of the downtown area. Enjoy private tours of artist’s studios, live musicals at the Coachlight Musical Theatre, or take a wine tasting tour at one of the towns noted wineries. Some days, you can even spot an artist painting their canvas on the sidewalks of Nashville.

The Abe Martin Lodge is one of the few lodges in the country named after a cartoon character. Created by cartoonist and author, Kin Hubbard, Abe was introduced to the Midwest in the Indianapolis News, in December of 1904. Abe Martin Lodge stands in tribute to this unique character still so alive and celebrated in Brown County and the town of Nashville.

Whether it is the springtime blossoms of the redbud and dogwood trees or the magnificent fall foliage in autumn, each season in Brown County is a showcase of nature.

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State Park Features

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Local Attractions

Within 5 miles from the Lodge:
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Within 20 miles from the lodge:
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Driving Directions

Cincinnati, OH | Indianapolis, IN | Louisville, KY | Terre Haute, IN
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