Explore your Environment, Kids!

This map is your guide to Indiana's outdoor treasures. Just click on one of the five areas
A long time ago | I'm alive | Let's have fun | Get up and go outdoors | the Hoosier State
and see what Indiana has for you!

Click on a section of the map to go there
Treasure map 

Click here for "I'm Alive"Click here for "The Hoosier State" Click here for "The Hoosier State"Click here for "Let's Have Fun"Click here for "Get Up and Go Outdoors" 

MAP KEY - What you will find in each section

I'm Alive- Learn about fish, wildlife, bugs, trees, plants and more
A Long Time Ago - Learn about Indiana history and archaeology
The Hoosier State  - Find out what you can do in Indiana
Let's Have Fun - Indoor activities for a rainy day
Get Up and Go Outdoors - Activities for going outside