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What Is An Interpretive Naturalist?

Interpretive NaturalistsWe use the title interpretive naturalist because we do much more than identify plants and wildlife. We are biologists, geologists, botanists and historians. More importantly, we are communicators who encourage our visitors to discover the outdoors for themselves and to value the places they visit. We share our experiences and knowledge. We investigate and describe relationships between people, plants, rocks, soils and wildlife. We help create memories for our visitors; memories of a hike along a wooded trail, a canoe trip in the morning mist, a night time walk with owls hooting overhead, or a trip back in time to grind corn or garden in the 1800’s.

Each property has a unique history and unique resource management needs. We explore that history through research and programs. In some cases, we actively restore those natural and cultural resources. You can find out more about what it means to be an Interpretive Naturalist by clicking here.