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2016-2020 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)



  • SCORP 2016-2020 Outdoor Recreation Priorities for Providers and Stakeholders

CHAPTER 1: The Surveys

  • The Outdoor Recreation Participation Survey
  • The Local Park and Recreation Provider Study
  • The Trails Activity Survey


CHAPTER 2: Themes and Trends

  • Limitations of the Surveys
  • Survey technologies changing
  • A look at the surveys themselves
  • Recurring themes in the surveys
  • Needs Assessment

CHAPTER 3: Supply of Outdoor Recreation Acreage in Indiana


  • National Recreation and Parks Association Standards for Public Park Acreage
  • Indiana’s LOS Standards for Parks, Recreation, and Open Space
  • State/federal outdoor recreation acres listed by County and Region: State and Federal public outdoor recreation land
  • Total outdoor recreation acres listed by County and Region: All public outdoor recreation lands currently recorded in the DNR Facilities Inventory
  • Critical Counties

CHAPTER 4: Supply of Wetlands in Indiana

  • Indiana wetlands legislation, initiatives and resources
  • Indiana wetlands acreage

CHAPTER 5: Accessibility and Outdoor Recreation

  • Why Accessibility?
  • Overview of Legislation
  • Standards and Guidelines
  • Program Access
  • Above and Beyond
  • A word about products, designers and consultants
  • Wrap-up and resources

CHAPTER 6: Indiana Trails Plan

  • Ultimate Goal: A trail within 7.5 miles or 15 minutes of all Hoosiers
  • State Visionary Trails
  • Trail Funding
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

CHAPTER 7: Some Resources, Ideas and Information

  • The APA’s City Parks Forum: A helpful resource
  • The IPRA’s Parks & Recreation Education and Research Links
  • Paying for Parks and Recreation During an Economic Downturn
  • DNR Organizational Chart
  • Indiana Department of Natural Resources Divisions
  • Other Related Indiana Government Offices
  • DNR SCORP Division Representatives



Complete Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan