Recommended Action for Future Use of Report

The members of the Marinas, Public Access, and Recreational Uses work group devoted many hours participating in an effort to identify issues and resolutions relating to their work group topic. Although the issues and resolutions are diverse and even conflicting in some aspects, this fact exemplifies the need for further action, with or without a federal coastal coordination program, to address these important issues facing Indiana's Lake Michigan shoreline and its users. The Marinas, Public Access, and Recreational Uses work group recommends a course of action to increase awareness of these issues, implement the recommendation of this report, and achieve accountability for these actions.

The Marinas, Public Access, and Recreational Uses work group offers the following recommended course of action for the future use of their report. First, the common issues and resolutions should be combined without modification of their intent. The group requested Dawn Deady and Steve Davis to accomplish this task. Second, an executive summary should be prepared by Dawn Deady and Steve Davis to provide a concise version of the report. The executive summary and final report would then be mailed to the group members. The possibility for a meeting to verify the final report should be left open as an option.

In order to produce a document that presents issues more inclusive of the Lake Michigan shoreline, the group suggests that their work group report be combined with the three other work group reports. The group recommends that further consolidation of similar issues and resolutions could be accomplished by a "master" group. However, all four reports should be considered in their entirety and the integrity of each group's work product should be maintained. The group also suggests that in the event that there are efforts to consolidate the four reports by another group, that group should include J.B. Smith, Dawn Deady, and Steve Davis from the Marinas, Public Access, and Recreational Uses work group.

The work group recommends that the combined report be widely distributed to heighten the awareness of shoreline issues. Dawn Deady and Steve Davis should develop a list of entities to which the report would be submitted including but not limited to state legislators, the governor, newspapers, and public libraries. The list should also include relevant state and federal agencies such as the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In the event that the four work group reports are not consolidated, the Marinas, Public Access, and Recreational Uses work group report by itself would be distributed to the comprehensive list previously mentioned.

The group emphasized that the Department of Natural Resources should be accountable for addressing the issues and resolutions in the report.