Industry, Ports, and Navigation


The Industry, Ports and Navigation Work Group met five times and a brief summary of the discussion at those meetings is as follows:

March 8, 1995 - The meeting consisted of a discussion of the ground rules for conducting a facilitated meeting and understanding the Mission Statement, identification of issues and major issue categories.

March 16, 1995 - The group began the process of consolidating issues under the following categories: Coastal, CZM, Industry, Permits, Ports/Navigation, Public Access, and Safety. The issues were ranked by multiplying the points placed on each issue by the number of people placing a rank on that issue.

April 12, 1995 - The meeting included an explanation of the process of ranking issues, a description of the nominal group technique; and a presentation and discussion of possible coastal boundaries. Discussion of and solution identification for the Boundary and Industry (brownfields) Issues took place.

April 26, 1995 - Discussion and solution identification for the issues "Public Access to Industrial Land", "Bureaucracy", "Property Rights" and "Public Access-Ports" took place. The group asked the Department of Natural Resources to put together a draft report of the group's work for review during the next meeting.

May 18, 1995 - Discussion of the Draft Report took place with the group making changes and recommendations.


The members of the Industry Ports and Navigation Work Group appreciate the opportunity to assist and provide their input to the IDNR during the early development phase of a coastal coordination program for Lake Michigan and northwestern Indiana. The issues presented herein do not represent a consensus of every member of the work group, but they are important to those who contributed. We would ask the Department to give consideration to each and every issue mentioned as it considers the best course of action for addressing the proposed issues.