Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial Development

Brief Meeting Summaries
General Issues

Results of the Issues and Solutions Projects

The Minutes of the meetings for the Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial Development Public Work Group are a useful reflection of the concerns and expressions of the membership. These should be referenced for a broad understanding of the sentiments and insights which have been provided by the process.

Two stages were particularly valuable to the effort. These were first to identify issues by residential, agricultural, and commercial development. Second, five categories of issues were selected by the work group for which possible solutions were tendered. Not every issue underwent the solution "brainstorming" process, and the arbitrary selection of five general categories was a concession to time rather than a denigration of issues. To be emphasized is that every issue is important to its author. Innovative and productive ideas are anticipated from issues for which solutions were not sought, as well as those for which solutions were.

Accordingly, both the broad statement of issues and the five categories of solutions are set forth on the following page:

Five Categories and Possible Solutions